Everyone loves a good preset. It speeds up the editing process and ensures you keep your styling consistent. I’m currently in the process of creating and refining some premium preset packs, though this isn’t a process I want to rush.

In the meantime please feel free to download and use the samples below for free!
Take note of the tips below the presets to get the most out of them.
Just let me know how you get on with them.


The shoreline preset gives you that classic teal & orange look without pushing the tones beyond reality.

Reduce the saturation of your blues if they look too much.
Adjust exposure and shadows to brighten and retain details.

Greens & Oranges

The Greens & Oranges preset works great for forest environments giving you that trendy deep, muted green look.

Exposure level may need adjusting for your images.
If the orange is too strong reduce the saturation.
If the green is too strong adjust yellow/green saturation.

Moody Ocean

The Moody Ocean preset gives you a calm, muted look while still retaining a pop of colour.

If you want to retain detail in the sky simply bring down the highlights

How to install

– Download the .dng file
– Open it up in Lightroom Mobile
– Click the 3 dots in the top right
– Select ‘Create Preset’ and name it (use the names I’ve given them if you’re feeling nice)
– Enjoy!

– Download the .xmp file
– In Lightroom open the presets toolbar on the left of the screen
– Click on the + icon and select ‘import presets’
– Enjoy!